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Lyme tests are not accurate-2005 John Hopkins study


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Tick and Vector-Borne Coinfections

The following is a basic list including some, but not all coinfections. Note: Multiple infections may be transmitted at one time by a single tick.

(Quote from Krause, et. al., JAMA 1996 "The number of symptoms and duration of illness in patients with concurrent Lyme disease and Babesiosis are greater than in patients with either infection alone."
Added note: In fact, all coinfections complicate diagnosis and treatment.

Some Tick-Borne and Other Vector-Borne Emerging Infectious Diseases:

Babesiosis (The causative agent of Babesiosis is similar to the causative agent of Malaria.)
Borrelia  B burdorferi and other Spirochetal Diseases including but not limited to B Mayoni, B Miyamotoi, B parkeri, B sinica, B hermsii

Lyme and Relapsing Fever
STARI-CDC- Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness The Other Lyme Disease
Q Fever
Colorado Tick Fever
Relapsing Fever
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Tick Paralysis
Powassan Virus
Hepatitis C Virus -unknown if Ticks Spread Hepatitis C Virus
Epstein Barr
Mysterious Skin Disease or Morgellons
Encephalitis-like virus
Deer Tick Virus
Spiroplasma ixodetis
Note: Not all vector-borne diseases are listed above.

Below: from http://parasitology.informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de/login/n/h/2491.html

Some Viruses transmitted by mosquitoes 
Apeu virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Banzi virus
Barmah Forest virus
Bunyavirus infections (miscellaneous)
Bussuquara virus
California encephalitis virus
Caraparu virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Catu virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Chikungunya virus
Dengue viruses
Eastern equine encephalitis virus
Guama virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Ilheus virus
Itaqui virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Japanese encephalitis virus
Kunjin virus
Madrid virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Marituba virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Mayaro virus
Mucambo virus
Murray Valley encephalitis virus
Murutucu virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Ockelbo virus
O'nyong-nyong virus
Oriboca virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Oropouche virus
Ossa virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Restan virus (belongs to Group C viruses)
Rift Valley fever virus
Rocio virus
Ross River virus
Sepik virus
Sindbis virus
Spondweni virus
St. Louis encephalitis virus
Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus
Wesselsbron virus
West Nile virus
Western equine encephalitis virus
Yellow fever virus
Zika virus
Some Viruses transmitted by ticks 
Colorado tick fever virus
Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus
Kyasanur Forest disease virus
Kumlinge virus
Langat virus
Louping ill virus
Negishi virus
Omsk haemorrhagic fever virus
Powassan virus
Thogoto virus
Tick-borne encephalitis virus (Central European, FSME)
Tick-borne encephalitis virus (Russian spring-summer, RSSE) 
Viruses transmitted by midges 
Oropouche virus 
Viruses transmitted by animal bite or oral secretions 
Herpes virus B
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

Also see: Wikipedia: Tick-borne Disease or google the particular disease for many informative articles and patients' testimonies.


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The Empire State Lyme Disease Association, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization incorporated in NYS and dedicated to education, prevention,  awareness and patient support for tick-borne illnesses including Lyme disease.  Our goal is education about prevention of tick bites and the importance of early diagnosis of the diseases transmitted by ticks.  We offer patient support and work for awareness of the need for health care for victims of both early and later diagnosed tick-borne diseases.Information on this site is offered to help further awareness of Lyme and associated diseases.  We hope that the information will help you to become more familiar with the subject of tick borne illnesses, but the information on this web site should not be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information on this web site does not represent endorsement or an official position of Empire State Lyme Disease Association, Inc. or any of its directors, officers, advisors or members. Please consult a physician for all medical advice, including advice on testing, treatment and care of a patient who has or may have Lyme or any associated tick borne diseases Back to Top