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Here is a News Bulletin from May 2008  





PO Box 6100

Building 158 - North County Complex

Hauppauge , New York 11788-0099

(6 31) 853-440 2

 STEVE LEVY                                                  ALAN SCHNEIDER

 Suffolk County Executive                                                                 Personnel Director


May 2008

For Your Information from Suffolk County Department of Health Services

Dr. Humayun J. Chaudhry, D.O., M.S., Commissioner

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Suffolk County

In 2007, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy signed a resolution introduced by Legislators Romaine and Schneiderman that designates May as “Lyme Disease Awareness Month” in Suffolk County.

Lyme disease is a serious tick-borne illness, which is endemic in New York and is a nationally recognized health problem.  It strikes people of all ages, making the need for research and public information regarding its origin, prevention, treatment and control a priority among medical professionals.

Lyme disease is caused by the bite of an infected blacklegged tick (deer tick). Ticks become active once the daytime temperature/weather stays above freezing (even if it still below freezing at night.)  In tick prone areas, any contact with vegetation, even playing in the yard, can result in exposure to ticks.

The most noticeable sign of Lyme disease is a rash resembling a bull’s-eye, or solid patch, which usually, but not always, develops between 3 and 30 days after the tick bite.  The rash often expands over time and can last for several weeks.  In some cases, no rash appears, while in other cases, there are multiple rashes.  The rash does not normally itch or feel painful.

Other symptoms of early Lyme disease include fever, fatigue, headache, stiff neck, muscle aches and joint pain.  If you notice these signs or symptoms, consult a health care provider immediately.

Dr. Chaudhry D.O., M.S, Commissioner of Suffolk County Department of Health Services said, “One of the most effective ways to avoid Lyme disease is to check your body for ticks at the end of each day.  Check your entire body, paying particular attention to the backs of knees, groin area, behind the ears, the scalp area, armpits and your back.”

For more information contact the county’s Division of Public Health at (631) 853-3055 or go to the county health department’s website www.suffolkcountyny.gov/health. You can also visit the New York State Department of Health’s website at www.health.state.ny.us, which can be accessed from the county web site . 


Suffolk County Dept of Health Services DOHS

225 Rabro Drive East
Hauppauge , NY 11788

(631) 853-3000 FAX (631) 853-2927
Emergencies after 5:00 PM and Weekends (631) 852-4820

Steve Levy


Humayun J. Chaudhry, D.O., M.S.


About the Commissioner

Commissioner's Introduction

Greetings! I am very pleased to serve as Commissioner of Health Services for Suffolk County and would like to welcome you to our website. Nominated by County Executive Steve Levy and confirmed by the Suffolk County Legislature in April 2007, I am honored to serve in this position and consider my role to be that of the principal physician for all the residents of Suffolk County . My professional career has thus far involved extensive work in hospitals, in ambulatory settings, and in academia. Being in the public sector is an exciting change for me and I welcome the opportunity to apply what I have learned and practiced at the bedside over the last 20 years to the economies of scale afforded by working in a county with 1.5 million residents and a department that has 11 health centers serving 300,000 patient visits a year. I will work as diligently as possible to enhance and ensure the public’s health, my primary goal. Read More

- Dr. Humayun J. Chaudhry

About the Commissioner

"I am honored to serve in this position and consider my role to be that of the principal physician for all the residents of Suffolk County ."

Mission Statement

The mission of the Suffolk County Department of Health Services is to assure the well-being of the community by preventing disease, promoting healthy behavior and preserving the health of our residents.

The Department of Health Services acts to improve and safeguard the general health of the people of Suffolk County through its emphasis on preventive health services and its special attention to health education. The Department focuses on prevention of health problems through education, medical services and enforcement of State and local health codes. Our Health Center Network has eight family health centers and three satellite clinics strategically located throughout Suffolk County as well as a state of the art skilled nursing facility.

Suffolk County Executive and the
Health Services Leadership

From left to right: Dr. David Graham, Dr. Humayun Chaudhry, County Executive Steve Levy, Margaret Bermel, Richard Meyer, Matthew Miner.