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Lyme tests are not accurate-2005 John Hopkins study


Articles on the Persistence and Virulence of Lyme

by Miklossy, Luft, Barthold,  others


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Michele Moynihan's Presentation "Lyme Disease: Be Lyme Wise* is a Great Educational Presentation for School Children 



on Tick-Borne Diseases plus


and The Third Great Plague



Autism and Lyme Disease


LYME & Pregnancy by John Drulle, MD



Alzheimer's and Lyme Disease

ALS and Lyme




Worm Parasites, FILARIASIS Nematodes in ticks?

Nematode Spirochete Farmers

Nematode-Bacteria- Symbiosis

10 Questions For Scientists


Heart Disease & Lyme Disease & Lyme Carditis






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In Memory

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Honorary Board Member

Senator Chuck Schumer

Members Emeriti 

Judy and David Merritt

Executive Board


Eva Haughie

Vice President  

Bennetta Dosiak


Kathie Governale


Our mission is advocacy, education of the public, education of health care professionals and Lyme and associated disease research.  Empire State is based in Manorville, NY and is active in local, state, and national issues.  There is a desperate need for public awareness of tick-borne illnesses. 

Our goal is to prevent chronic tick-borne diseases, by education about prevention which includes crucial early diagnosis and by promoting a quality of health care that needs to be provided to patients with both early and chronic tick-borne diseases. 

We are dedicated to helping and supporting people suffering from Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases.

We hold events and also support meetings in several locations.  Please email EmpireStateLyme@aol.com for more information. If you would like to join us, Please go to Empire State Lyme Membership Sign Up and become a member!

Empire State Lyme Disease Association wants to thank the many people involved with making  previous years of advocacy successful.  

We are also looking forward to much future work that will continue to raise awareness of Lyme disease.  Empire State Lyme Disease Association, Inc. is a non-for-profit 501(c)3 organization incorporated in New York State.

Board of Directors

Honorary Board Member

Senator Chuck Schumer “I am happy to serve as an honorary board member of the Empire State Lyme Disease Association. As I continue to fight for more funding for research and technology on the federal level, this organization will play a vital role on the local level to promote education, prevention, and treatment of Lyme Disease. I look forward to working together to mitigate the impacts of this horrible disease.” 

Judy and David Merritt Judy Merritt volunteered in 2007 to run a support group in the Albany Capital Region.  The additional benefit to us was that David Merritt was also a part of Judy's "team."  Judy Merritt and husband David Merritts' efforts brought education, knowledge and much needed help and support to hundreds of patients.  In addition to their intelligent and sophisticated approach, they set the bar with a terrific example of true devotion and pure altruistic service to humanity.  They are now retired.

Currently, Eva Haughie, is President of Empire State Lyme Disease Association.   Haughie graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors earning a BS in Chemistry from Long Island University.  She then ran a business that became a local landmark and also became an artist.  (www.evahaughie.net)  Haughie was later employed at Tek-Vac Industries, Inc. as assistant to Tek-Vac's President.  Ms. Haughie volunteered with organizations that are against Domestic Violence, in addition to being a long time Lyme Advocate.  With many wonderful, dedicated volunteers, Haughie sees the Empire State Lyme Disease Association continuing to help Lyme patients and realizing its mission. Please email empirestatelyme@aol.com if you would like to volunteer to help.  For more, see advocacy_of_Eva_Haughie_and_of_empire_state_Lyme_disease_association.htm

Ms. Bennetta C. Dosiak has a strong commitment to community, in addition to her time as Executive Vice President of Empire State Lyme Disease Association, Inc.,  she is a Board Member and Treasurer of the Manorville Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce and she is on the Manorville Volunteer Fire Police Force. We are very grateful that Ms. Dosiak lends her expertise and generosity of spirit to us.

Kathie Governale  earned a BS in Nutrition from Hunter College and in addition to taking on the difficult and time consuming task of Secretary-Treasurer for Empire State Lyme Disease Association, Inc., she is also writing about how nutrition and supplements can help Lyme patients.  

We are grateful to have Dr. George Ruggerio as a board member.  We appreciate the many hours he has also volunteered at our events.  We are especially grateful to him for his dedication to his patients. 

Dr Anna Satalino is an advisor to our board.  Dr Satalino earned her PhD in psychology even while fighting her illnesses and we are grateful to have Ms Satalino's expert advice and dedicated support.  

Barbara Moss a long time resident of the NYS capital region, Barbara volunteered to take over for Judy and David Merritt when they retired.  Together with Phyllis Gross and Karen MacDonald, Barbara is doing exemplary volunteer work  running the Capital Region Branch Lyme Disease Support Group 

Phyllis Gross another resident of the NYS capital region, we owe a deep gratitude to Phyllis for her efforts on behalf of patients while she has worked closely with Barbara Moss and Karen MacDonald to bring encouragement, education and support to hundreds of patients.

Karen MacDonald another resident of the NYS capital region, added her help and tremendous efforts on behalf of patients as she has worked closely with Barbara Moss and Phyllis Gross to bring encouragement, education and support to hundreds of patients.  

Karen MacDonald, Barbara Moss and Phyllis Gross are a great team who have done the best job possible to fill Judy and David Merritt's shoes.  Kudos all around.

Linda McAllister is a resident of Saratoga where she founded the Adirondack Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF) which is currently inactive.  While active, Ms McAllister made important inroads in her area and brought awareness to hundreds of people.  She authored an article on Lyme disease and how it had personally affected her own life for Public Health Alert in 2010.  With Linda's insight and dedication, the ALDF was in very capable hands.  Working together with the leaders of the Capital Region Branch of ESLDA, Linda was been an integral part in bringing events to both regions.

Science Advisor

Ms. Alita Lyons studied biochemistry and biology at the University of Washington and spent 10 years at Weill Cornell Medical College as a Senior Research Specialist studying Hepatitis C virus RNA structure and function relationships. She has publications in the Journal of Biochemistry, RNA, Nucleic Acids Research and the Journal of Biochemistry.Advisors

Michele Moynihan is an Education Consultant for Empire State Lyme Disease Association.

She is the author and designer of a great presentation for school age children entitled


We extend our thanks to "Lyme Disease: Be Lyme Wise" creator, Michele Moynihan.

If you would like to use Michele's presentation for your for your school, group or organization:

Please email: EmpireStateLyme@aol.com

Colleen Nicholson, is the founder of Military Lyme Support, an organization devoted to helping Lyme patients in the US Military.  

Rick Mazarakis has worked in the business sector on Long Island.  Mr. Mazarakis has agreed to act as Liaison for Empire State Lyme Disease Association.

In Memory: Robert F. Salat was Chairman of our committee on marketing communications.  Mr. Salat spent a lifetime researching and studying Physics. His company offered fifty years of high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum technology experience in the form of production and R&D semiconductor process equipment.  Having been in the business sector for over fifty years, he offered us his valuable experience in marketing communications and other business issues that face our organization.  May he be blessed and find eternal peace.  We will miss him dearly.

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The Empire State Lyme Disease Association, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization incorporated in NYS and dedicated to education, prevention,  awareness and patient support for tick-borne illnesses including Lyme disease.  Our goal is education about prevention of tick bites and the importance of early diagnosis of the diseases transmitted by ticks.  We offer patient support and work for awareness of the need for health care for victims of both early and later diagnosed tick-borne diseases.Information on this site is offered to help further awareness of Lyme and associated diseases.  We hope that the information will help you to become more familiar with the subject of tick borne illnesses, but the information on this web site should not be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information on this web site does not represent endorsement or an official position of Empire State Lyme Disease Association, Inc. or any of its directors, officers, advisors or members. Please consult a physician for all medical advice, including advice on testing, treatment and care of a patient who has or may have Lyme or any associated tick borne diseases Back to Top